L.A. Convention Center Naturalization Ceremony

Submitted by Jimmy Ng, California Democratic Party Intern
Today marked a very important day for six thousand people living in and around Los Angeles County. Today, they could officially call themselves American citizens. The L.A. Convention Center West Hall held a Naturalization Ceremony and was overflowing with proud new citizens and their excited family members and friends that cheered them on. 

Nat. ceremony
While they were celebrating, the California Democratic Party was hard at work at registering these new citizens as voters.  Now they have a voice in important issues and are able to choose politicians that will represent them best.

Voter registration was not the only thing that the California Democratic Party did that day.  People anxiously waited in line to have their pictures taken with Barack Obama. No, not Obama, the President. Obama, the cardboard cut-out.  It was so popular that people asked us where they could buy their very own. John Perez, executive board member of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement says, "Hundreds of thousands of pictures have been taken with him. He's not for sale." The Obama cut-out attracted so much people that I want to use him when I'm doing my own voter registration drives at local colleges.
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