California is not for Sale

The wave stopped at California.

With many high-profile Democratic losses around the country, things weren’t looking good on Election Night — that is, until California Democrats stepped up with some major victories.

Jerry Brown will be our next governor. Gavin Newsom will be our next lieutenant governor. And Barbara Boxer will continue representing us in the Senate.

In total, we elected Democrats in eight of the nine statewide offices — and things are looking good to make it nine for nine with Democrat Kamala Harris leading Republican Steve Cooley in the attorney general contest by several thousand votes, but that race remains to be called.

CEO vanity candidates with no relevant experience, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, found out that Californians are smarter than they realized.

These victories — along with our victories in support of Prop. 25′s majority vote budget and over Prop. 23′s pollution expansion scheme — are thanks to the hard work of thousands of California Democrats.

But while campaigns come and go, there’s one organization that’s dedicated to helping Democrats win, 365 days a year: the California Democratic Party.

Leave a comment with your thoughts about the election — we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for all your hard work throughout the year. Everything we won this year, we won as California Democrats.

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144 Responses to California is not for Sale

  1. Joan Armer says:

    CA seems to be one of the few states which showed thought and reason in its election outcomes… whew – that’s why I live here! The whole Tea Party movement strikes me as a “just say no” group, lacking a clear direction and leadership – just out to disrupt progress.

    • Val Muchowski says:

      Thank you John Burton! Senator Barbara Boxer was right. She needed you! We needed you! With your strong hand at the tiller, the wonderful Democratic volunteers prevailed. Now what do we do about redistricting? Party hearty! See you in a few weeks.

  2. Fernando says:

    I am very happy with the election results in California. Now can we gay marriage fixed in our State without the influence from outside the state !

  3. Aamir Farooq MD says:

    We’re not Demoncats we’re Democrats! Republicans with no political experience cannot run on demonization alone given they have no political experience, let alone managing a state as complex and intricate as ours. I appreciate your efforts to educate Californians on political issues.

  4. Sean says:

    The reason why the Democrats did so well in California is that they were aggressive, and didn’t let Republican crap go by unquestioned. The national Democratic Party was weak, and essentially non-existent this election. The DNC Chair was nigh-invisible, and not enough was done to tout the accomplishments. The DNC needs to be more like California Democrats, and California Democrats need to help make the DNC and national Democrats tougher.

  5. Suzanne Lewis says:

    I am delighted about the results of the 2010 California Election results. I am especially pleased with Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer victories. And, I am happy for Harry Reid. However, I am not happy that the Party of No is in power and that John Boehner is Majority Leader, what a joke that is. I will do everthing in power to STOP the Health Care repeal and to re-elect President Obama in 2012.

  6. alyce brown says:

    tHIS FURTHER PROVES THAT WE HERE IN cALIF. ARE IN A BUBLE, PROTECTED BY SANITY AND SANENESS. We must be alert that the fear and hate is traveling west, has not reached us yet but like any creeping plague it will take this “State over if we are not alert. We need to turn this tide of hate and fear out of this country and restore sanity to those of us who are voting.. Quelling fear which leads to hate is the first important step we all must take. this is not a political state but an emotional one. Let us all work together to stop this. a.g.brown

  7. Jerry Lucido says:

    To my Democratic brothers and sisters… Let us not now make the same mistake in California as we did with the federal government over the past two years when we won decided majorities. Whether it was hubris, or poor communication, or both of those things and more, we lost the soul of the people who voted for us. They, by and large, are big-hearted, selfless, and moderate. Please listen to our Governor-elect when he warns of the messages sent to us by the California voters this year. And, work with the Republicans (and each other) to make things work. Quite frankly, Abel Maldonado earned by vote this year (the only Republican I voted for) because he put our State and its people ahead of his political future during our budget crisis. Many thanks. And, congratulations to one and all. It was a good day for California. J. Lucido

  8. Martha Goff says:

    I loved this sentence at the top of John Burton’s message: “The wave stopped at California.” I could not agree more! I am very proud of our state.

  9. jane says:

    You may be focused on statewide events, Mr. Burton, but remember “all politics is local”! How about a special shout out, “atta boy” to Dr. Richard Pan. Richard won Assembly District 5, a district that had been in the Rep hands for eons and where the Reps have a registration edge. And beyond that……..Richard’s Rep opponent was Andrew Pugno, the very proud, unapologetic author of Prop 8. Way to go, Richard.

  10. Eleanor Mang says:

    Many thanks to the thousands of volunteers throughout California, especially those in San Diego County, that dedicated so much to show the rest of the Country that no amount of money can buy California. California Democrats have much to be proud of. Its not to soon to start thinking and organizing for 2012.

  11. malcolm burnstein says:

    In hindsight we should have concentrated earlier and heavier on defeating Prop 26. It is far more damaging then anything else on the ballot.

  12. Beverly says:

    I believe Jerry Brown’s forceful, clear rebuttal to Meg Whitman’s positions and charges played a huge part in his win. This type of rebuttal to the Republican message is needed to defeat the Republican lies and distortions of the facts on the national level.

  13. Kirko says:

    The Democrats must begin working right now to preserve its Senate majority and try to regain seats in the House in 2012. This game isn’t over. The GOP has no plans to cooperate with the Democrats and we must publicize this loud and clear to the American people nationwide. As far as health care reform goes, any new bills should be referred to as Medical Insurance Reform. Stop calling it healthcare. Everyone can’t stand insurance companies. You need to recast the message with a positive tone that the majority of the public will buy. Medical Insurance Reform is a winner that everyone can agree with. Get away from that awful healthcare reform term. It gets the GOP and Independent blood boiling and does no good whatsoever. Pass lower and middle class tax cuts and maybe compromise on temporary cuts for the rich. But don’t give in to everything. Medical Insurance reform can be amended but don’t give away the farm.

  14. Akash says:

    Good work in CA but rest of the country went the other way. That’s truly sad as the work done till date – health care, bailouts were absolutely required. I know everyone had good intentions but there was a lack of “marketing” of these ideas to the masses. In business parlance, we call it – post sales support. If that’s one lesson that the party must learn – educate the masses about these bills after they have passed. There is too much misinformation out there.

  15. BB says:

    Republicans vote like being Republican is a religion without knowing the issues for the most part. The Supreme Court and money bought this election with all the fully used dirty tricks, lies and distortions. A vicious crowd that winning at all costs is the mantra. They had more nut cases and extremists running for office in California – thank goodness for the good sense of our electorate.

  16. janet maker says:

    You won because of all the minorities in California who were alienated by the Republican bigotry. I hope you will use this as a mandate for strong progressive leadership–unlike what happened in Washington.

  17. Mark says:

    Off the top of my head, only election reform will go a long way to solving our problems. That reform would include many variations, or all, of the following: full disclosure on campaign contributions/ad buys, etc.; restricting campaign funding to public funds; revert to use of paper ballots; implement ballots allowing voters to vote for more than one person for an office, while designating, first choice, second choice, third choice, etc.; enforcement of sedition and similar laws when threats are made (e.g. Angle’s threat to use violence if the tea baggers didn’t get their way) more carefully measure first amendment rights against dangerous rhetoric.

  18. Greg Smith says:

    My personal opinion, not reflective of my corporate affiliations, is that President Obama did what he could with what he could, and that most California Democrats understand that and voted accordingly for California. However, the obvious halving of the 20-something demographics at the polls tells me that if President Obama fails to make very visible progressive political appeals to the nation over the next two years, he will fail to inspire those same 20-somethings to come out in 2012, thus losing everything to the GOP and their cohort of the plutocracy, which will plunge our country into The Greatest Depression, more than economically.

  19. Rose says:

    You are so right and we Californians are so proud – CALIFORNIA IS NOT FOR SALE!!! Congratulations for sending Meg and Carly home………we really were not for sale! ALSO< MAY I SAY THAT It amazes me the response of the American public and their incomprehensible dislike of the black man. We have created a whole new party in an attempt to slow down and possibly cease all actions by our president. Not much different than creating a new law when OJ got off (wrongful death); a new party (tea-baggers) to encourage ignorance over the land for all those non-thinking masses. Best wishes to us all in these troubled times!

  20. hillaryb says:

    I am so proud of the work that the CDP and our local parties and coordinated campaigns did during this cycle. The CDP team of Chairman Burton, Mollie, Shawnda, Christopher et al. really put together a spectacular program and worked to get the Boxer and Brown campaigns to trust the party and work together. Thanks for your work and I’m excited to keep the momentum going!

  21. v meenakshi m.d. says:

    i was pleased that candidates did not dance around an issue and stuck to principles.get out the vote was very good,also some of the ads came back fast contradicting the opposition[not all tho

  22. Clifton Schell says:

    I am happy that Californians, more than any other state were not bamboozled by the goosestepping ultra conservative tactics and dogmas that have swept through other states like a poisonous fog. Democrats may have temporarily lost their majority in the House but we are still strong and defiant in the Senate. In two brief years, the Democrats will regain control of the House after the right wing is exposed for who they are.

  23. Elizabeth M. Hiteshew says:

    I am very happy at the outcome of the California elections–as happy as I am unhappy with the rest of the country’s move from a Democratic majority to a Republican one. I hope that we will not become complacent and will consolidate our gains thoughtfully. The Republican party in California will certainly be doing everything possible to swing California their way. It is disturbing to see how much money was spent on independent fundraising. I received many flyers urging me to vote for various candidates which had no names on them. I think we need a campaign targeting these groups.

  24. Victoria Smith says:

    Thank God this state I was born & raised in did not drown in the tea, we perfer coffee anyway; This state will not be bought by the billionnaires into office!!!! Calif will work its’ way out with experienced leadership.

    • Elaine Joy Leibbrandt says:

      I am thorougly proud of our citizens for their votes to keeping those we needed in office & the new Governor Jerry Brown, Boxer and all that we needed to keep our State on top. Now the most important will be led by Jerry. The budget, jobs & Immigration passed fairly & sensibly. Now let us start our work to get our Majority back in the House.

  25. John says:

    Congratulations! Californians and the nation will now get to see how one party rule works. We Democrats better not abuse this new found power. Always be careful for what you wish for, especially when it is all on our shoulders.

  26. Peggy O'Neil-Rosales says:

    Although I’m happy that all the candidates I supported in California won this election. However, the loss of key Congressional seats nationwide is disconcerting. I supported Obama during the election in 2008, and had high hopes he would ramrod a public option healthcare reform plan, but he allowed the Republicans/Insurance Companies to water it down. Likewise with the Financial Reforms, he didn’t exert the leadership he touted during his campaign. He should have done the Teddy Roosevelt direction, and trustbust the banks, and file criminal actions against the thieves bankrupting thousands of families. He didn’t do the right thing when he had the bully pulpit. If Obama doesn’t ramrod the 400 bills in the House, which includes rightfully taxing those making over $250,000 before January, then he will lose the opportunity, and faith of his supporters that he is for the middle-class. He must also enforce homeowner loan modification programs, and not let the fox watch the henhouse gobbling up homes from families to live on the street. If he wants the Progressive citizens to support him 2012, then he must be a leader and not a whimp to the GOP.

  27. Kathy Eisele says:

    The cadem is impressive this year. We need to keep our quality leaders and keep the base fired up. I live in a red town and the Repubs won the day locally. Let’s not lose the young and the minorities for now.

  28. David Dobson says:

    OK, but this next budget is going to be 100% on the backs of Democrats. It’s not going to be pretty and we can’t raise revenue and no one is going to buy that’s it’s the republican’s fault – even if it is their fault we can’t raise revenue. I am all for closing down all government services in red districts as a start.

  29. Michael Shaver says:

    Ratigan for president, Obama must man-up to the REPS. 1) We need a balanced trade law. This will solve unemployment. 2) We need Obama to NOT compromise the hard fought last two years. 3) We need Obama to implement a fair tax law. No taxes upto 80K/year, and a 20% flat rate for the remaining amount above that level. 4) Cobra cost must be tax exempt, as well as unemployment and social security. Your Supporting Liberal Viewer

  30. Roslyn E. Walker says:

    We must get private funding out of elections and shorten the length of campaining: Tax payer funds only should be used to run for any public office at any level. Suggest that all campaign funds that come strictly from the candidates’ private funds, if they insist on using their own money, be instead contributed to the city, county, state, or U.S. Government jurisdiction that they are running for office in, and let’s get private money (which, of course, includes corporations) out of our elections. All media should have to contribute a stipulated amount of time and space per candidate, per office they are seeking. (Last I heard, we the public own the airwaves.) And what happened to “public service” time and space for the media? The time for all electioneering should be specified and limited. Maybe, again, California could lead and the rest of the country would follow. If it stays the way it is, we are doomed as a democracy. SCARY.

  31. Mercedita says:

    I am so happy the victory of the Democrats,Thanks God! I hope the poverty that we have will be solve. and I am so proud to be a democratic party voter,and wish you all the best!

  32. Lois Bradley says:

    I have seen comments calling us crazy for electing Democrats; I think we were the only sane voters in the country.

  33. Barry Stade says:

    We really need to stand strong against the Republicans attempts to undo all that we have gained so far. I hope President Obama gets tough and does not let the Republican agenda start to dictate what our agenda is. They always protect the interest of Big Business and Wall Street. We elected President Obama because of the change he promised us. We need to fight with all of our power for that change. Even if we lose at least we gave it our best. Enough is enough. The middle class is being sacrificed while the upper class continues to be greedy and arrogant.

  34. John Armstrong says:

    Thanks for poling us! I got 5 votes for Dave Jones and I’m super-delighted he won CDI Commissioner. SacBee was nice in that they had some pro-Boxer comments from me in one article. Fantastic coverage job – whoever got press coverage in SoCal for Dave Jones – well written quips I thought. As a retired annuitant I will aim for CDI to benefit from my extensive IT experience.

  35. karry says:

    Thanks to all the volunteers!!! Your awsome!!! I don’t have time to be there which makes me appreciate all of you the more. I wish the people weren’t so inpatient. Everyone wants a quick fix. We were just starting to see some stability in our econamy, stock market… I guess people don’t realize that it needs to even out before it can start climbing to the top again!! Proud to be from California and a DEMOCRAT!!

  36. Mary Jo Simon says:

    Sad for Obama and Congress, but HOORAY FOR CALIFORNIA!!

  37. Leslie says:

    I really didnt think we had very many great democrats running. I mean Jerry, Barbara…really that’s all we didn’t have a choice. You wanted to win with “sorry” democrats. I don’t know about other states but California had no choice. I think with so many college grads, so many young political people, we get Barbara n Jerry. I want to be excited for democrats but I can’t be when they pick these people. I am not talking only about age but about new people…exciting people. You know how democrats voted for Obama, we need to find more democrats like that. Young, enthused, educated, family, able to speak like nobody business. I mean come on democrats have to give us better people. I saw nothing like nationwide. Democrat heads should be recruiting now with good graduates…for next time. Community youth volunteers, look around cities an let’s get to it.

  38. c. says:

    Aye… state of California is not for sale, period.!!!!

  39. Pam Christensen says:

    I think the major difference is that Californian Democrats fight back. We don’t pretend that we are pals with the Tea Baggers. We don’t pretend that we’re just too nice to point out the many failures of the republicans running for office. Maybe we’re smarter, maybe we’re more informed and maybe we just live in a the best place in the United States…no maybe about it!

  40. BARBARA ELLIS says:


    • Richard Swain says:

      Is this the Judith Washburn, who was born in Indiana, that I knew as a small boy living then in Ohio ? Richard Swain known then as Dick Just curious

  41. Judith Washburn says:

    I am so proud to be both a Californian and a Democrat. I understand the fear people have, I myself was unemployeed for 9 months but it took 8 years (under GWB) to get us unto this mess and the reality is that 2 years is not enough to get the up swing that people expected. I just hope that in another 2 years that people can fully understand all the work it took to get us out of the hole we were in and to appreciate all the hard work that President Obama has done to help the country.

  42. Joanne Gifford says:

    While election outcomes elsewhere may have been a disappointment , here at home, it appears as though the Democrats of Napa Valley put every single one of the candidates that it backed and worked so hard to elect in the win column. While it is true that when Democrats vote, Democrats win, it is equally as true that when Democrats get out the vote, Democrats win. And get out the vote, we did.

  43. Arthur Shaw says:

    Go Democrats! Go Giants!

  44. Fabian Garcia says:

    I’m so happy that we won the Governor seat in California. We cannot afford to allow Republicans to suppress the middle class and labor with their bad policies that only benefit the rich. Democrats need to be more aggressive in the decision making process if we are to gain strides in the next couple of years.

  45. Tim says:

    Great work!

  46. Patty Clark says:

    My facebook post on the election results was “Thank goodness for the smart voters in the great state of CA!!” Whoever put together that brilliant ad where Meg Whitman gave the same speech as Arnold should get major cudos. Nothing like showing “more of the same” in a graphic manner!! Thank you to Gloria Allred for taking the heat and showing where Meg stood on immigration. The republicans have been lusting after CA for the last 20 years, and once again we have missed the bullet. Thank you Barbara Boxer for always standing for progressive values and for standing strong against the nightmare of Carley Fiorena.

  47. Mary L Sullivan says:

    I am SO happy both for Brown and California. I came from WA state to work for him because I believed so strongly in him having lived in CA when he was formerly the Governor. Way to go California!

  48. Kathy Borst says:

    OK, we kept you in power. Now, let’s do some seriously responsible work with the budget. We can’t have it all. Debt is a terrible answer to having everything we want. Cutting essentials is a terrible answer to not having money. This state used to be solvent. Now it’s broke. And broken. The sleight of hand budget tricks have undermined education terribly. Something has to give. Stop playing games and find a) reasonable cuts and b) new sources of revenue. Poverty is a terrible problem in this state. We have high unemployment and illegals working good jobs. What’s wrong with this picture?? Good luck. People think my job is thankless – teaching high school math. You must be nuts to want your jobs. Is it the benefits?? Let’s cut those back, too, while you’re at it. I hope someone is listening.

  49. Angel Bautista says:

    We will win in 2012 if we come across as the party that said YES. YES to efficient government, Yes to Wall Street who earn revenue fairly, Yes to state and local infrastructure, YES to private businesses who hire and not fire to make a profit. Yes to honest pay for honest work. Yes to social programs that benefit the whole. Our mantra must be about saying YES- YES you can be wealthy and rich beyond your dreams but not at the expense of the environment or your labor force. Positive messages of YES and eliminate the NO- Instead of saying NO we are against big oil companies, we say YES we presently need big oil but we need to move to a lot more renewable energy. Yes we are in favor of reforming illegal immigration but with path to citizenship, YES we are in favor of cutting the budget responsibly but not at the cost of needy families. We need to say YES, make our objectives clear and keep the public energized.

  50. Sen. Betty Karnette, Retired says:

    We have wonderful people who live in this state. They care about California. They deserve our thanks and respect. However, we need to use our ‘showbiz’, educational, and small business skills to help people understand how government works — especially the fact that good government requires capable people. These capable people need respect and authority as well as financial support. Since all groups pay ‘dues’ of some kind, people don’t mind paying if they feel they get something for their dues. Maybe a ‘funny’ film as well as a serious documentary would help. We could even develop some ‘games’ for the kids. I think the electorate now expects us to help them ‘learn’. Can we do it? I say, “Yes, we can.”

  51. kmajda says:

    Thank you to everyone who worked hard to educate Californians about these issues. I’m sad the public parks proposition didn’t pass, but we are still headed in the right direction.

  52. Davis Montalvan says:

    It is important to continue to push the progressive agenda. The blue dogs were voted out for being obstructionists. The nearly 400 bills passed by the current House need to make it through the Senate during this lame duck session. No placating to the repubs or compromising our values. Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky has gone on record stating that he and his fellow repubs are committed to being stalwarts and making Obama a one term President. Such an attitude will not help get the economy nor our country back on track. Focus on getting Americans back to work and protecting health care reform. In turn, the voters will reward the Democrats in 2012!

  53. Conrado Montes says:

    Congratulations to our winning team. I’m proud to being part of the team that will bring California out of the mess the old Governor and his staff left behind. I feel confident that California will return in a triumphant way. I have always stood behind Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer. Now I also stand behind Gavin Newsom. I too graduated from University of Santa Clara as did Jerry and Gavin. Best wishes to our ‘Innovative Democratic’ Team.

  54. Stand By Me says:

    Elected Democrats - You received my vote only because I don’t believe that political offices can be purchased with self funded campaigns by individuals who have never held a political office. Shame on those individuals who thought they could buy there way in. Elected California officials, democrat and republican alike, let me say this loudly… STOP THE FINGER POINTING AND LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER. We are sick of hearing the blame game. We pay you to listen to us, to heed our needs, to work together to resolve the issues that unfortunately have been created by those before you. Legalizing gambling i.e. lottery and casinos has not fixed our state, why should legalizing marijuana. Stop polluting our food, our air, our water, our lives!! We want clean, healthy food and water. No More GMO!! We want clean air and soil. Go Green and Natural!! Jobs can be created around these ideals without the expense of unhealthy life styles. What do you need from me? Help me, help you. signed, Stand By Me

  55. Rosa Antoine says:

    I continue to be appalled at the amount of money spent by individuals seeking office. I would like to know how much was spent by all concerned across the country for this election. This information should be posted prominently in a simple to read format. Citizens need to think about this a minute. I’m sure several homeless shelters could have been funded as one suggestion of money better spent as well as money for our failing educational system. I would like the election material to be sent out much sooner. It should be kept concise and factual and written in plain language. Frankly I could care less about who someone sleeps with, hires, etc. I want to see a resume, and transcripts from their colleges, just like other professionals have to submit for jobs. Let the electorate vet the candidates on their own. I’m not interested in the opinions of talking heads. I want to form my own opinion. If I want to know what someone else thinks, I’ll ask them myself. I am happy to see that the political ads are now gone from my television. Advertising is a necessary evil they say, but all that nastiness that comes out of the tube during all the campaigns is disturbing my peace of mind unnecessarily. Let’s get rid of the media circus and require candidates to mail position papers to the voters. Give us a chance to use our brains. I don’t want my emotions tweeked all the time. It’s not healthy. And it’s not smart either. Just give me some cold facts to mull over. If I can’t figure out which way to vote based on the facts, then I’ll skip that item and try the next. You don’t have to vote on everything…just what you understand. So let’s stop wasting money and get serious about government that supports the people.

  56. KayLynn Newhart says:

    I noticed on the morning following the election that all of the people getting on my bus in the morning were smiling. Most all of the riders are state workers that work in downtown Sacramento. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and had been very anxious in the days before the election. I have taken a big financial hit with the state worker furloughs. I have had to use most of my daughter’s savings for college and my own savings for retirement to make ends meet during the furloughs. It took me years of saving a small amount to accumulate what small amounts I had. I know I’ll never get back what I have lost. I voted a straight democratic ticket. I know Jerry Brown will be more fair minded with state workers. He may not give us everything we think we deserve after all the chaos but at least he values our hard work and knows most of us will not be rich in retirement like the media says. I like his honesty and down-to-earth qualities and that he is concerned about frugality. On election night watching all the conservatives gloat in the east I was so happy to live in California. I love this state with it’s beauty and diversity of people. I love that we are different than the hateful tea-party states. I especially liked that we went against the status quo in the election. I was also glad Harry Reid won in Nevada. I love that we now have a “firewall” in the west! Congrats to Jerry, Barbara, Gavin and hopefully Kamala too. I only wish Ami Bera would have beat Dan Lundgren!

  57. Ollie Young says:

    I was very happy with the outcome of Jerry Brown for governor and Barbara Boxer for senator. I hope that we will be able to come up up with a fix for the California debt. I am really concerned about the House being run by the Republicans. I am really dissapointed that the Republicans won control of the House, and very concerned that for the next 2 years will be a disgrace to our country and no progress will be made, because even a sneeze coming from Obama will be unacceptable to them. They can excuse away all they want, but it is clear that they do not want this president to succeed in any way and we all know why!

  58. Maggie & Gil Linderman says:

    We couldn’t be happier or more proud to be Californian’s! If only the rest of the country could be like us! We are both college grads and feel that the people in this state are smarter or just more street saavy to see through all the lies, money, etc. I hope the ‘analysis’ of why California voted the way they did is BROADCAST on a national level over and over. Then maybe in 2012, some of the other states will ‘catch on’. We are proud of our new Governor and ‘old’ representatives. We wish them well and on to 2012! Must say, however, the Democrats must do a better job of ‘strutting their stuff’. The Republicans are too good at dirty politics. When Obama got tough during his campaign for President, his numbers went way up. He may not like being tough, but that is what people want to see, mainly because the Republicans are so good at what they do to twist things and keep from having to present policies of their own. We hope that with the House now in their wing, they will be forced to ‘show their colors’!!! They MUST be pressed to let people know what they really are about…it is our right to know. Also, the money issue must be addressed. Too much money – especially UNKNOWN donors – is a cancer in the election process. The Supreme Court created a monster that must be taken down, or at least, wounded.

  59. Philip Encinio says:

    The main lesson we should learn from comparing California’s voting results with those in other parts of the country is not merely – merely? – that California is not for sale; the main lesson is that, as both Governor Brown and Senator Boxer clearly understood, the goal was not to fight; the goal was to win. But, if we need to fight to win, then by God, let’s fight. To win. Pray that, waking to reality, President Obama from here on out seeks counsel from some of our wise older-timers such as President Clinton and Governor Brown. We have recent precedent for how President Obama should respond in President Clinton’s response to the Gingrich/Republican takeover of Congress in 1996. Clinton espoused lofty goals but took on only those that were achievable and not pyhrric. He offered unrefusable strategic prods to the other side to cooperate. But most of all, he didn’t tell “the people” what they thought; he asked them. And he didn’t tell “the people” what they should think; he led the dialogue, and in plain talk helped them find their words to express what they thought. It’s called communication; it’s interactive.

  60. Ben Fojas says:

    Very gratified that Prop 23 went down so spectacularly. Thanks to disclosure requirements, Californians were able to smell the dirty air of oil-backed money that was powering the proposition.

  61. Diane Smith says:

    Congratulations!!!! I recommend Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi consider the following by 12/31: (1) Encourage the Senate to eliminate the filibuster rule. (2) Pass campaign finance reform that ban the anonymous campaign ads a l the Supreme Court (3) Pass a renewal energy/jobs bill. (4) And wouldn’t it be sweet to have everyone stay through Christmas and pass immigration reform.

  62. Pamela Cahill says:

    I’m so pleased with Brown and Boxer and all the other state offices that went Democrat. What I am upset about is some of the propositions that failed (state parks) and passed (2/3 vote for fees) that will hurt the budget process even more. We must get rid of the initiative process. The voters seem easily swayed by confusing ads that are half truths and even false.

  63. Darlene Zavalney says:

    As we relish our win in California we must look beyond our wonderful insprining State to the bigger picture and set our sites on campaign finance reform on a national level. Our founders did not intended for our government to be ran by large corporations with special interests or grotesquely rich individuals. This is the path we are headed and the recent Supreme Court decision to allow Corporations to act as individuals is partially, if not wholly, to blame for the misinformation that lead to the Republican take over of Congress. We must fight to fix this with every ounce of energy we have. WE need to take our country back! I am so proud to be able to say “I’m a Californian”

  64. art smith says:

    Its a same that amercia is not getting behind President Obama. I have never in my intire life seen so much hatered towards the Cheif of our nation. You take a look at the so called TEA PARTY,in some countires they would be held for treason. There is too much dislike for the President. Considering we had eight years of Busch ,now the Nation is blameing President Obama . The nation will soon see thats tea is for drinking and not running this great nation of ours

  65. carol koeppe says:

    The election went exactly the way I wanted it in California.It goes to show money doesn’t buy everything, not even an election.I wanted prop. 19 to pass but other citizens did not.Thanks to the California Democratic Party.Now we have to push on and work together for all the people in California.

  66. Tim Smith says:

    If the voters of California felt (as a majority) we cannot be purchased…perhaps the message will finally be heard loud and clear throughout the Nation that the same holds true. No matter how many ads are run…no matter how much personal funds are spent…no matter how much PAC money is acquired…there is no match for an educated, well informed electorate! Think of the money Whitman and Fiorina spent on this campaign…how many jobs could have been established with those funds? Tim Smith

  67. Unca John says:

    I voted a straight Democratic ticket and I still have no faith that the economy will recover before I die. I’m 60. The biggest error of the last two years was health care without the public option. We’re really lucky that the Republican candidates were so bad. My Republican friends cross voted, and these guys have never cross voted in their entire lives. Businessmen, lawyers, engineers, very conservative. These guys hate Boxer, hate Pelosi, but love Feinstein even though they’d vote against her in an instant given a responsible candidate from their side. Less of a Democratic win and more of a Republican loss. Stock market is still down 3000 points. Get it together and keep things moving ………

  68. Yolanda says:

    While I’m happy about the California results, the national picture was very disheartening. Somehow federal deficits weren’t a problem during the Bush administration (when huge amounts of borrowed money were spent on 2 unnecessary wars), but now that Obama is in office, it’s top priority! And if reducing the deficit is so important to Republicans, then tax cuts are exactly the opposite of what is needed! No one likes to pay taxes, but we do need to fund schools, roads, firefighters, police, safety inspectors, etc. We also need to pay for Social Security and Medicare. Now it looks like we’ll be returning to the same policies (deregulation of banks and oil companies) that got us into this economic mess. Grr! Personally, I’d like to see more money spent to create standardized electronic medical records, and a searchable database of medical information that could answer questions such as: What’s the most effective treatment (statistically) for disease or condition X? Controlled scientific studies are very expensive, and also very scarce. They usually only involve a few dozen patients. But a large database could help a lot, even if it’s technically only “anecdotal”. In any case, let’s move medicine into the 21st century, and away from paper records!

  69. anoush dekmejian says:

    We need to get all democrats to vote across the country next time….we did well but we could have done better. I’m not dissappointed with the outcome….the Republicans will show their true colors by doing nothing….they are all talk. Congrats to all those who worked so hard — California showed the rest of the US how we vote.

  70. Jessie McGriff says:

    Being of a somewhat sane mind, and it has always proven to be true in my life. If some one is trying to keep ANY THING secret it’s because they are ashamed or it is illegal or wrong. Always, I advise to follow this old lady’s advice, and demand that these hidden “donors” step into the light of admission and openess like the rest of the world. What are you afraid of? I won’t buy you product? I might refuse your service? Stop insuring with you? Stop being a coward!!!!!!! Step proudly into the sight of this little ole lady.

  71. Edre Lee Berry says:

    Dear Sirs: I was very pleasantly surprised that Kamala Harris seems to have a chance to become the next Attorney General here in California. I decided to vote for her about two weeks ago, partly because she mentioned about a month or so ago that she wanted to help youth prone to crime to stay in school. I was “turned off” by Steve Cooley mentioning that if elected, he would try to have quite a few more executions. My husband, at first, was planning on voting for Steve Cooley, as he is more supportive of the death penalty than I; however, he decided not to vote on that one. (I had thought of Steve Cooley before as maybe a moderate Republican; however, the more I heard, the more I could see that he is really quite conservative. We are both glad that Jerry Brown won; my husband is now hoping that Kamala Harris will eventually win, as he wants as few impediments as possible to giving Jerry Brown a chance. He is beginning to understand that the Attorney General is an important office and sometimes a “stepping stone” to the Governor. My husband is a conservative to moderate Democrat; years ago, he was a Republican; however, he was really “turned off” by Meg Whitman. Sincerely, Edre Lee Berry

  72. Kathy B. says:

    Ever since Meg Whitman’s first (negative) ad was broadcast, I “bristled.” She and Fiorina could not cover up the obvious; they were talking down to the public. After numerous attempts, I was finally able to rid my in-box of Whitman propaganda. Determined to at least FEEL like I had a voice in today’s political climate, I invested in a “Jerry Brown for Governor” sign. Next, I found a website where I was able to create my own slogans (i.e. “MEG’S THE DREGS”) and proceeded to bumper-sticker my Civic a la Nascar. As the campaign progressed, I received informative updates on Jerry’s background and activities, and I gradually began to believe that my concerns for our state were listened to and supported. How refreshing! Jerry’s initial ad was very positive, focusing on current issues and his plan for the future. In short, Whitman spent the big bucks but honesty, intelligence and experience prevailed. (I’m so relieved that I no longer feel the need to apply for Canadian landed-immigrant status!)

  73. Curtis Walker says:

    I hope and pray that the California Democratic Party will, starting TODAY, put the people and money necessary to make certain CA-04, currently represented by Republican TOM McCLINTOCK, who does not and to the best of my knowledge, has no intention of moving to the District. We must, as a party, put forth the Staff and Money to remove these High Profile Republicans that should not be here period. Local DCCs in the counties making up the district CANNOT do that which is necessary when a candidate has 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS in his campaign war chest. Please, make that happen, in honor of those just elected to Statewide office.

  74. Pauline says:

    I’m glad Mr. S is out. Bye-bye. Now can we go through our schools and eliminate those who shouldn’t be in Administration? Bay Elementary, San Lorenzo, CA. How about those who shouldn’t teach? Hesperian Elementary, San Leandro, CA. How about that entire district for not even caring that children with special needs are being ridiculed daily and yes, sounds unbelievable, but yes. The children with special needs who have to play in a caged area right in front of the regular ed students? How about us born and raised here in California for 50 years that deals with Loan Companies like say for instance, Loan Depot who tell us to follow protocol, we do, and then they’ve destroyed our long-term outstanding credit and now? We don’t even qualify for a loan now and to top it off? My husband is a vet. DAMN IT. Let’s get things done like get that cage torn down. Rid educators who should otherwise be in waste management that’s how far off base some teachers are. How do I know? I’ve worked the public school system for years. Quit to take care of my EXTREMELY DISABLED SON for who had to play in that horrendous cage. I can go on and on in regards to false reporting from a teacher I used to aide for, ridicule, feelings, love, hate, you name it. I challenge you to please hear me and help us. We’re on your side. Will you be on ours? I must ad absolutely to our waste mgmt company as they are AWESOME. I just gave a scenario of night and day professions. HELP US PLEASE. Thank you! – Pauline

  75. Terry Saunders says:

    I am so relieved. I got to vote for Jerry Brown for Governor the first time around! But why couldn’t people have afforded $18 dollars to keep our state parks open and cared for? We need to stay progressive, and let our president know that California will stand with him if he takes a strong stand. Close Guantanamo and end DADT

  76. Suzi Young says:

    At least the people in California are smart enough not to believe Fox News or should I say Fox Lies. For the rest of the county I saw a sign that says it all: “YOU JUST CAN’T FIX STUPID”. Let’s just hope our President starts standing up and saying “Hell No, WE MUST PROTECT OUR CITIZENS EVEN FROM THEMSELVES! I have been on unemployment, disability and working part time since 2007. I don’t blame the Democrats for my situation. Tell people the TRUTH. There is no way the republican party and tea party folks give a hoot about the little guy. That’s the biggest lie of all.

  77. Nancy Amini says:

    I marvel at the hubris of Meg and Carly, who believed that we would buy the idea that government can be run like a business. We have to believe that government exists to fulfill a higher, humanitarian purpose.

  78. Hung Hsieh says:

    Politicians spent lots of $$ in Ads on their campaign. Why not donating these $$ to reduce the state’s deficit?

  79. Pat McGrath says:

    I am happy that I live in California, although I do think we need to come together as a whole and make necessary compromises so that as many interests as possible can be part of the solutions needed to return CA and the nation to greatness. I think the wave accross the country was a response to lack of compromise by both parties and a failure to make conservatives, liberals and young people feel part of the process.

  80. LAWRENCE J. ZYNDA says:


  81. Barbara Young says:

    HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! I still don’t know if Bill Hedrick made it for Congress, I hope so. We need a big big change now. Let’s keep going and staying informed and blogging.

  82. Rogers J. Johnson says:

    I canvas for Loretta Sanchez and Phone bank for her. I phone bank for Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer and a local Assembly district. I gave money to Jerry Brown’s Campaign, Barbara Boxer’s Campaign, and the democratic senate fund. I worked hard the last two months giving of my time to get this victory. I’m proud of my efforts and I’m so happy what we did. The corporations, special interest and the Republican Party can throw a ton of money at us but I will fight with every tool I have to stop them. Yeah, for California.

  83. Cristine Ruiz says:

    Your so right California is NOT for sale. We won big time in California but our fight is not over. We need to keep our President on a Progressive wave, let him know we support him and will Battle alongside him BUT…. he needs to stand up, fight harder and make Bold decisions on behalf of “THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED HIM “. No more Mr. Niceguy. Listen to all the rhetoric it is NOT Going to stop as long as he is the President so why compromise? ……….. A Progressive Democrat, Tina Ruiz

  84. Christina says:

    Every day since I moved to California from Ohio almost 40 years ago, I have been grateful to live here and continue to count my blessings. After this election, I feel very blessed to live in the only state that, despite all of our problems, had the common sense to show that California cannot be bought, either by greedy CEOs or greedy big oil companies. Although our ridiculous, corrupt, power-hungry 50h district un- representative Brian Bilbray was unfortunately re-elected, I can take comfort in the fact that most Californians are thoughtful people who really care about our state, its people, and our irreplaceable natural environment. Our state will be a shining example for the nation no matter how the new House of Representative tries to harm our country in the name of hate, greed and power.

  85. Ernest Mercuri says:

    I felt that there were two major problems with the overall campaign..outside of California: 1. The economy. During the first year, we allowed the economy to become Obama’s economy. People were allowed to forget the inheritance. 2. Democrats (with California being an exception) were afraid of the record that had been compiled. All the good things, health care reform. Democrats allowed themselves to be intimidated by the Tea Party and were afraid to talk of all that had been accomplished. 3. Republicans did not have to pay any price for being the Party of Hell No. The Party has to be clear in its electoral message and make Republicans pay a price for being obstructionists. That is what they plan to continue.

  86. paul page says:

    Poor Meg! How delusional can she be? What will ever become of her lovely Plan for California?

  87. david says:

    I think all of my Democratic votes counted. What Whitman found out is you cannot buy California votes. I hope Whitman is not able to use her unheard of spending as a tax cut. On the Subpoena Power for Agency Inspectors General Darrell Issa (R-CA) will be the new chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee in the House. He plans to give subpoena power to the government’s 74 inspectors general, nonpartisan officials responsible for rooting out allegations of government waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement.I hope this is not rue. In 2003 I contacted the IG of both the DOL and Postal Service. They ignored the documented proof I had of fraud by both agencies. The fraud by these two agencies put me $60,000.00 in debt. The smart alic remark by one of the claims examiners after taking three years to get my knee claims approved stated “he is getting paid so I do not know why he is complaining”. I had six knee surgeries three on each knee. The DOL second opinion doctor stated there was nothing wrong with my knees and I needed no further treatment for my knees. My doctor vidoe taped his surgery. As the result of a 1995 accident where my right knee hit the dashboard of the vehicle my right knee cap was shattered and the pieces ate up all the cartilage in my right knee. All of the fraud was while George W Bush was in office. With a Republican running this show on Supeona power I fear for the worst. I had hoped the prop to legalize pot would pass. Not because I use the item. I hate it our prisons are over crowded and I would not fear as much for my safety with someone released on a pot related issue. Car thiefs and people who rob and brake into your home makes me fear for the worst. Otherwise I am proud of my party and who represents me.

  88. Lisa E. Gray says:

    I am extremely happy with the election results. I voted a straight Democratic ticket in a family full of Republicans. I was also happy with the proposition results. I’m so glad Proposition 19 didn’t pass! I couldn’t believe my sister and brother-in-law, 69 and 72 respectively, both voted for it! They think it will stop the illegal trade from Mexico. Mexico needs to solve their own problems for a change…

    • maya says:

      Points for integrity. I’m also happy Prop 19 didn’t pass. The disadvantages far outweigh any wishful thinking about stopping the cartels. For one, did anyone stop to think about what it would be like to have acres of the sickly sweet odor of ganga floating over your neighborhood? After one growing season there would be a new proposition to repeal it.

  89. Onkar Devgan says:

    I was born as a slave and took the first sniff of freedom when I was only six. I know first hand what real freedom and democracy means and how such freedom can be used beneficially for all the people as well as for the country to be the best it can be and I understand how it can be abused by few unchecked selfish forces that keep their preponderance self interest before everyone elses interest. I believe that they are also good hearted God creation but they take advantage of the loopholes in the system that ends up as a net effect not only hearting other humankind, the Nation they are part of, but also their own interest in the long run. They need to be reminded the sacrifices that our ancestors made to get this right of freedom for us all not only for them. Thus, I believe from the bottom of my heart that real democracy is that that works for all in a fair and just manner that could be an iconic example to the whole world to follow. Furthermore, I believe that in this great nation we have the intelligence, know how, technology and tools to achive such a higher level of greatness by utilizing our possessions wisely in a ballanced way that shares the risk and rewards amongst us all in an affordable and practical proportionate way. May God bless us all and the great nation we are to realize the fulfillment of each humankind dream through changes that are progressive to realizing the real democracy for all of our citizen humankind in a practical manner. Thanks Respectfully, Onkar

  90. Kathleen Ryan says:

    It seems Pres. Obama misread the concerns of the people, mainly, live within our means. Hope Gov. Brown can get a handle on this, without hurting entitlement programs.

  91. Raven says:

    I love the fact that voter sanity prevailed in california while bemoaning the fact that sanity was not the word of the day across the country on November 2, 2010. I fweel like hiding in my house while the country goes to the Christian, anti-woman, partisan, Republican agenda politics for the next two years. I had high hopes that perhaps the intelligent voters who helped vote one of the most intelligent Presidents, Barack Obama, into office would prevail again and keep the train moving; as it was said in the pre-election season, yes, it’s change you can believe in, it’s just not change that comes overnight – we have to work for it. There is no ‘magic pill” that’s going to un-do the policies that ran this country into the ground during the previous administrations. There is a lot of work that has to be done, and the Republican strategy of saying “no” to *anything* that came to the floor, even if it was something that they had initially proposed, or requiring an unprecidented supermajority to vote upon anything doomed a lot of really good legislation. What we needed was some more Democratic votes, or some Moderate Republicans, willing to cross the aisle and work with the other party, and Democrats who know the meaning of the word “compromise” so the Republicans didn’t feel the need to become to polarized. Instead, we are going to have two years of absolute horror on the National front. I hope the work we can do in California can stand as a beacon for the rest of the country. I hope we can step up and solve the really hard problems we have in our own front yard. I hope we can come together and create green jobs, solve the budget problems and not have to lose valuable natural resources, valuable financial aid programs to at-risk programs, and not cut too many very needed programs in our state allocations. But lets also be real – something’s got to give somewhere and revenue has to come in from somewhere. It ain’t growin on trees; not even the big ones we got up north…This is too long, sorry. I guess I’m just afraid of what’s coming…I hope CA can help shield us from the insanity that’s gonna start any day now. We did a good job here. Let’s hope that can help offset what happened elsewhere.

  92. John Wilkins says:

    It was an awful outcome at the national level, but I can take real pride in California’s choices. Jerry, Gavin, Barbara and Prop 25 mean a lot.

  93. Elizabeth Owen says:

    It seems it’s time to seriously consider California seceding from the USA, and perhaps including Nevada and maybe Oregon and Washington in a new nation of fairness and rationality. We have everything we need, in terms of intellect and bounty. We do not need the burden of the small Tea Party group within our borders. Time to organize? Elizabeth Owen

  94. Brooks W. Wilson says:

    We circled the wagons and held off the corporations this time, but what about next time. Citizens United must be overturned.

  95. S. Hart says:

    I am thankful that CA elected the best people for the job ahead. I am deeply disappointed at the return of the repubs…Why do you give a teenager the keys to the car when he/she has already wrecked it? There was too much outside influence by big business. We need to press for campaign finance reform. The Koch brothers do not own the United States. The Supreme Court did the country a huge disservice.

  96. Margaret Joehnck says:

    Thanks so much to the CDP for providing the MOE database to the central committees, to Martha Gamez and team for the support using it, and to Molly and the politcal team for the strategy. It was great to be a real player with real tools to play with in this election. Looking forward to 2012.

  97. C. Hwang says:

    I was very happy with the results in California which has always led the way for the country as a whole. i was disappointed, at a national level, that Democrats did so little public analysis of what has gone wrong with our economy. We need a cogent story. And we need to tell that story over and over. Without it we cannot change the country for the better. We are opposing very ignorant, destructive interests and people who do not do research, do not think, merely react to the leadership of FOX and other rabble rousers. Leadership makes a huge difference. We cannot lead without explaining and educating.

  98. Carolyn Straub says:

    This proves that a fight is worth fighting and one should never quit!

  99. Roma says:

    It’s a shame Fiorina and Whitman couldn’t have put their big money to better use and made a sizeable donation to the state! If they REALLY care about CA, that’s what they should be doing!

  100. Susan Dobay says:


  101. Bill Lee says:

    It was very difficult to be objective while watching the election results come in. Can anyone enlighten me how the con-men won so many contests with offering any solutions to the overwelming problems this country is facing? Prop 19…big winners were tobacco companies and Mex mafia

  102. jerry says:

    I am proud to be a Californian. We could not be bought and we did not become stooges for big oil and coal.

  103. steve says:

    Good for California and Impeach the US Supreme Court!!

  104. Aaron Willems says:

    As a former Democrat and a Former Republican, I’m happy to be a Centralist, I’m also happy to be an Independent. I’m so happy that California rejected the Tea Party. The Tea Party are just nuts. The Coffee Party seems much more responsible. I really hope that President Obama follows Clinton’s lead and moves to the center. If Obama wants to get re-elected in 2 years, he must stop catering to the left. Only 32% of registered American’s are Democrats. A clear 42% of Americans are like me and are registered Independents. I hope Obama makes the right choices, because the thought of a Nut Job Tea Party activist as President scares the hell out of me.

  105. Susan Dobay says:

    I hope Obama has learned from this election. ‘ CAN NOT SERVE THE PEOPLE AND WALL STEREET’S INTEREST AT THE SAME TIME.” He should keep his promises he has made during his presidential campaingn!!!!!!!!

  106. Hank says:

    I think it is time California seriously considers seceding from the union, along with New York. We cannot continue to be governed by Senators from states that don’t even have the population of Long Beach for crying out loud.

  107. gabe says:

    I wish prop 19-/ would have pass… dumb that it didn’t

  108. Yemessratch Schwartz says:

    We have witnessed and an unbelievable travesty. I cannot believe that this many Americans can be brainwashed by fear mongering and those who thought they could buy their seats in our Government. I am confident that they will learn a bitter lesson when they fight us to repeal health care, and the mess they plan to make of social security not to mention of course the jobs they think they will have in a day or two! How long is it going to take to get anything done? I hope the Senate and the President stand up to the upcoming insanity. It will be a tough journey. Thank God we have saved our own State. We did show them the fabric of our trust in California and it isn’t with them. Although I doubt that they care. They will just move on to trying to buy something else. Oh yes, TV Reality Shows. Those are easy to buy into, if you have the money. All jokes aside, let’s start the work right away. We need to focus on rebuilding the Calif. economy and focus in on how we are going to fight the 2012 Elections with all the tea party madness, which has already started with media analyst’s speculation of who the Republican candidates will be i.e., Rubio, Palin, the bunny rabbit, etc. Who cares, but we need to keep it together and get our act together in supporting the President and the Democratic Party. The truth of the matter is that those who just got elected into the House Seats know that it didn’t happen based on the people’s trust but as a need to try those that are promising something other than what Democrats have not been able to deliver in the last two years, the Miracle. They have them believing that eight (8) years of damage can be reversed in two (2) years. Where is the credit for the accomplishments achieved in the last two (2) years? How fair or honost is that? Let’s pray for peace, compassion, patience, justice, strength and wisdom for all Americans. It has been an unGodly time in our Country with selfserving greed and disrespect leading the way.

  109. Tony Heider says:

    For years, California has been known as a political trend setter. For the sake of the entire United States, I hope Californians’ refusal to forget that Republican policies are largely responsible for our troubled economy will set a nationwide trend in 2012 to vote for Democrats, including President Obama as he seeks a second term.

  110. Don Neumark says:

    Jerry won because CA voters saw through the negative advertising and the actual “accomplishments” Whitman had while head of the various corporations, which would have translated into her not being effective in actually getting us out of debt. That being said, the Dems have been ineffective in passing necessary legislation for our country’s health, due to malaise, corporate influence, and placing the need to get re-elected above that of their constituency….. and the lack of guts. This is true of Obama as well. What ever happened to executive order? While he was messing around with the party of NO he could have used this as a tool to get what we needed, esp. with health care reform. Instead we got an ineffective, watered down version of what would have made great reform. At least in CA Jerry needs to ramrod through alternative energy, bypassing the corporate needs for an investment in our future. There are amazing technologies just waiting for us to implement that will make an immediate difference in CA’s ecomony. Have him consult with the Israelis.

  111. Dede says:

    Thank you to the California Democratic Party for working so hard to keep reason and sanity alive rather than let the insidious fear, lies, close-mindedness, manipulation and craziness of the Republicans and the Tea Party prevail. I think the next step is to invite Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to do a celebration for sanity here in CA that can be nationally televised (or at least posted on YouTube)! I wish I had had some time to contribute personally to the campaigns of Democrats, here in Orange County, where I live. But it was so sweet to know that Barabara Boxer was winning while Carly Fiorina was right here in Irvine. I really hope Democrats nationwide, especially President Obama, stick to their agenda of reform and help for the middle class and not let bullies like the new House Speaker intimidate them. Why is it that almost all the Republican men I have seen in the past few days on TV, who are crowing about all the Republican victories in Congress, are so fat and bloated? – like the fat cats in the insurance industry and Wall Street that Obama took on. So, kudos again to your organization for working so tirelessly on behalf of Democrats throughout the state. I wish the almost-sweeping Democratic victory could have been replicated in other states. But we are a lot more reasonable and intelligent here than in other parts of the country:) Thanks, Dede

  112. juley says:

    congratulations, california! thank god for the golden state, my former and spiritual and forever home. colorado, too, did some good, surprisingly. big greenbacks don’t fool true blues.

  113. Debra Evans says:

    I am really happy with the California results, and this is due to many many people and orgs who walked, canvasses, talked to neighbors, made phone calls, and registered a record amount of folks. Unfortunatley, the rest of the country was not so lucky. This tells me that the GREAT organizers here in California aren’t being utilized and paid to organize these other states. We were able to turn states Blue in 2008. In addition, i feel like the DNC held OFA back and they began their effective organizing late in the game. They also were afraid of letting us be creative and relentless like we were while electing Obama.

  114. Suzanne Brewer says:

    I am proud to be a Californian, but wondering what is going on with so many other states. How can anyone seriously think that Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have the answers? It seems to me that people who think like some Republicans and all Tea Party members might as well be part of the Flat Earth Society in that they seem to think time froze when the founders signed the Constitution. It is astonishing to me that they don’t understand that the Constitution is a living document that changes as time marches on. They want to cleave to those parts of the Constitution that suit their agenda, and pretend that that portion of the Constitution which did not allow women to vote, and that part of the Constitution which counted an African-American as 3/5 of a person never existed.

  115. Robert Pena says:

    What is the new governor going to do about WORKERS COMP? The last pee-brain governor screwed it up!

  116. helen says:

    Now that Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, and Barbara Boxer have been voted in. I hope they keep their promises they make.And work hard for California.

  117. Christine Thomas says:

    Congratulations and thank you to you, John Burton, as chair of our CA Democrtic Party you really brought home this election! Congratulations to all the delegates, central committees, volunteers, e-board, grassroots, all of those who made these wins for all of California! We showed the country how to get it done with Chair Burton’s leadership. Now if Kamala Harris wins as attorney general, we can take a deep breath of satisfaction we will have an attorney general who will protect our environment, and is visionary on how to clean up our criminal justice system. In addtion, we will have run Cooley’s plan to fight all the way to the USSC to uphold Prop 8 out of town, and off the tax payer dole – and told Karl Rove – stay out of CA – we want equal protection for ALL of our citizens.

  118. Harriet Alto says:

    As a 78 year-old retired schoolteacher, I am so pleased to know that California’s Democratic candidates prevailed in this election. I only wish that had happened in the House of Representatives as well. I fear that the far right and “tea partiers” are trying to take back all that has been accomplished. …… especially in healthcare. I’m also wondering what might have happened to our state of California’s budget if only Carly and Meg had decided that they REALLY did want to help California. Instead of spending the millions they spent on advertising, they could have donated that money to help reduce our deficit budget. We could have helped fund education, environmental concerns, state parks, and preschool education. I am so disappointed to know that the vehicle tax to help fund our state parks was defeated as it was such a small amount for each family….yet again, the prevailing mood on “taxes” was at play once more. Oh, well we can only hope for better days and better informed voters who are not complacent about voting.

  119. Keith J says:

    Dems need to strategize more carefully. When the Reeps said that the stimulous didn’t work, the Dems had to remind the citizens and the Republicans that “Imagine how dire our economy would be had we not supplied the stimulous!” Additionally, once again, the Dems let the Republicans put in a lot of tax breaks as part of the stimulous. Time and time again, at least once a generation, the bill of goods that when taxes are cut for the wealthy they’ll run out and hire people. Hogwash! They add the savings to the bottom line. IF tax-related issues are to be incorporated they MUST be in a tangible form that people see readily. The checks sent out by the Clinton and Bush-reprise administrations were tangible. People looked forward to them, put them in the bank. The mistake was to reduce withholding and thus only a few dollars per check, essentially nothing per paycheck, was allowed to each taxpayer. Too bad. The cost of those tax breaks are still with us and now so, too, are the Republicans – who set the agenda. Democrats have to get out front on the issues and stop waiting for an opportunity to defend what we know is right. The health bill is a great bill for the corporate insurance industry – truly corporate welfare at the expense of individuals and taxpayers in general. The most cost-effective is a single payer system that allows private insurers to offer supplemental insurance as they currently do with Medicare. Get the insurance industry out of rationing our healthcare – another missed opportunity to make gravely graphic citings of how people with no insurance are infecting those who have it as germs have no concept of economic strata, as well as how many people suffer and die in the streets from lack of universally available care. Yes! I’m highly proud of the obviously higher IQ of Californians. We sorted through the muck and the denigrating ads put up by the Repugs. Congratulations to our state for making it possible to demonstrate how well off an electorate can be, even during such economically challenging times. Peace – oh, that reminds me. Deficit spending. Does anyone realize we could patriotically support universal health care with the money we patriotically use to kill hundreds of thousands of “fer-ners” “over there” and out of sight? The military corporate industrial complex, like the insurance companies, are so happy that no one “unpatriotically” brought up the wars of choice we still find our young soldiers dying of. The insanity is amazing. … Now, really… Peace!

  120. Andrea says:

    I’m so happy that Governor Brown and Senator Boxer got elected. Go Democratics! However, I was disappointed about Proposition 19 not passing but its okay we will bring it back to the ballet in the next election. Now, its time for us to help our officials bring the change and jobs back to California.

  121. Jessie Lee says:

    I am happy that California saw past the hoopla from the other candidates. I am having a difficult time understanding why people expected our president to solve all the problems in the short time that he has been in office. It usually takes the first term to dig out of the mess from the previous president. No other president has ever been faced with the troubles of this president. I really do not understand why the average person fall for the agenda of the Republicans. This country always suffer under the leadership of the Republicans, especially the middle class! Way to go California! I am proud of my State. Be encouraged President Obama. I believe it is going to work out for your good. The Rebulicans will continue to show themselves as the party of “No”.

  122. Marti in California says:

    Congratulations to our new governor, Jerry Brown, what a relief. Welcome back Barbara Boxer, 2 cheers, go Democrats!

  123. Laserwiz says:

    Makes me PROUD to be a native of California! Hopefully the rest of the country can learn from us. It’d be nice if they learn what an earthquake feels like but only of it’s caused by the collective ‘BOOM’ spawned by all republicans pulling their heads out of their a$$es.

  124. Larry Feldman says:

    California is a very special place and the election results demonstrated that specialness. Let’s hope when the ballots are counted that Kamala Harris is our new attorney general.

  125. Sal Ruiz says:

    I’m so happy with the elections, i know for a fact Brown and Boxer will pair up to get California out this hole. One thing i can say i’m proud to live in California with the mayority of democrats who will not sell our state. Way to go Brown/Boxer!!!!!!

  126. Gary Schlotterbeck says:

    Because I am on Social Security Disability I could not afford to contribute any money to any of our Democratic campaigns. However I was able to lend my voice in a way that I feel is just important. Whenever I spotted a comment or Facebook post that was outright lies I pounced with the truth. There were many hateful posts spammed onto Democratic Candidate’s Facebook pages that were nothing more than uninformed rants by clueless people that needed to be set straight. One post was about cutting Medicare and privatizing Social Security as well as eliminating medicaid altogether. I posted a reply the simply asked; “what would you have done with those who are like me that cannot work regardless of how bad we wanted to, would you have us taken out and SHOT?” Because my photo is on my Facebook page people would walk up to me on the street and shake my hand and or pat me on the back. There were many supportive replies to my post as well. I would also talk to everyone I know about how important it was to elect Jerry, Gavin and Kamala as well as keeping Barbara in Washington. I grew up in Hagerstown Maryland, about 75 miles west of DC. For whatever reason it seemed that whenever the politicians from Washington wanted to conduct shady back room deals outside of public view they would often hold those meetings in Hagerstown. I guess it was because of what I saw growing up I tent to pay closer attention to what elected officials are doing. Barbara has been very good for not only California, but the entire Nation. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this process in my adopted home state of California.

  127. Paul Schlomann says:

    The majority of Californians voted for equal rights, for “… liberty and justice for all.” I am so proud of California, and to be a Californian. We also defeated the Texans (Prop. 23) and approved budgeting by majority vote. Now comes some hard work: Democrats in the legislature must take the bull by the horns and solve the budget problems so that they do not continue year-after-year. I wish them all wisdom and good outcomes.

  128. Herb Gartsman says:

    President Obama’s leadership is got to be more aggressive; come right-on and attack the GOP face-on with the many Liberal/Progressive issues facing this country; getting back to his BASE, those who got him elected in 2008. The President must get the Middle and Poor classes good working jobs NOW; before anything..

  129. Cathie says:

    I am proud of all the Democrats for coming out and voting for our team! I am so happy that Jerry Brown is our governor, and I can’t be happier that Barbara Boxer is still our Senator. I tried really hard to make Beth Krom my new Democratic Representative, but we will just have to try harder next time. Thanks, Beth, for all your effort! I live in Irvine, and I hope to change the scenery in the OC and make it more Progressive. Thanks, Cathie :)

  130. Maria says:

    I am SO THANKFUL that Barbara Boxer retained her seat and that Jerry Brown is our Governor. It is the only bright spot right now.

  131. Blane says:

    As we assess the 2010 mid-term election a few things are already very clear: strong, qualified, passionate, articulate & intellegent candidates who ran on, not away from, the significant progress made toward mitigating the economic meltdown, created by eight years of radical republican policy choices, in the first two years Pres. Obama’s Administration won; even in the face of the intellectually ridiculous Citizen’s United ruling. Whereas, those stood in the way of HCR & the public option lost! In fact, look at the exit polls- if Dems had stood strong on the public HCR would have 60% support. Furthermore, if Senate Dems had fought to reauthorize middle-class tax cuts & let the cuts for the most fortunate 2% sunset- it would of helped the House greatly! Consequently, we must remember to run at radical republican/tea party BS with the full of our strenght of our conviction- not away from thier fallacious arguments! If from the moment Pres. Obama’s took office all of our leaders had do so, not just CA’s Leaders, they too would be experencing our StateWide sweep! Factual reality + our ground troops has & will trump the money from the Citizens United & the USCC. America is a Pluralistic Democracy , by definition compromise is a healthly & necissary reality; but we can not & should not capitulate!

  132. Hans Grellmann says:

    I personally am for a working democracy first, the Democratic party second. By that standard California’s voters took 3 steps forward on Tuesday by voting the right way on propositions 25, 27 and 20. Proposition 25 lets the legislature approve a budget by majority vote, as is the case in most states. That should make it easier for our new ( and again ) governor to get something done in Sacramento. Voters voted no to gerrymandering when they voted no on 27 and yes on 20. Although the Democratic party is concerned that they will lose some seats when legislators can’t draw their own district boundaries, no one can pretend that gerrymandering is a good idea if we want a working democracy. I hope that, when fair boundaries are drawn, we will end up sending different people to Sacramento. Less extremist, more willing and able to compromise. Then we can have a legislature that solves problems instead of posturing for their respective bases. I am not oblivious to the fact that gerrymandering is alive and well in other states ( Texas comes to mind! ) But does that make it right to follow their example? Karl Rove and Tom Delay may have helped the fortunes of their party, do we want to sink to their level? The step back was the approval of prop 26. This will mean that in order to enact or raise fees it will require a tho-thirds vote, just as it now does for taxes. We’ll have to wait for George Lakoff’s proposition called the California Democracy Act, which will reduce the vote requirement for taxes from two-thirds to 50% plus 1 vote. On the environment, you have to be proud of the California voter, especially when compared to those lemmings in the red states who willingly follow their global-warming-denying “leaders” over the climate cliff. Californians voted overwhelmingly to preserve California’s AB 32 greenhouse gas reduction plan. I am proud of them! California’s leadership on this issue gives me some hope that the United States as a whole will eventually wake up.

  133. Tom Arbanas says:

    I feel secure in California because of the election outcome. Other parts of the country who voted in Tea Party and right-wing extremists had better brace for freedom losses by thos bible thumpers.

  134. Loreto Quevedo Dimaandal says:

    Thanks to President Bill Clinton for coming over to California and helping Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom and for his help to Democrats all over the country! I hope Hillary runs for the Presidency next time! We’re ready any time! Loreto’s Brigade for Hillary and Country

  135. Dr. Haydee says:

    I am a transplanted Dem from the snow and ice of the NYC Metro Area. I am both proud of CA showing in this election cycle and the Giants’ (also transplanted from NY) win! I have a great deal of political experience from campaigns in NY/NJ as a Labor representative and I feel at home in the midst of diversity. If you guys in CADEM feel that you could use some of that experience, I am game. We are already getting late for 2012!

  136. Californian living in Sydney, Australia says:

    I get the international perspective of my home country every day. From the outside, the USA looks very silly with all it’s Right Wing extremists and believing ‘socialism’ and ‘regulation’ are dirty words. The rest of the world is waiting for America to dig itself out of a hole 8 years in the making. Bush was a laughing stock. 2 years in, it’s still a long slow trek back to recovery and Barack has his work cut out for him. At least California is headed in the right direction… The whole world is watching… we can’t screw up in 2012, it’ll just be heartbreaking and oh so, so embarrassing… If anyone remotely close to a Tea Party or Sarah Palin gets elected, I’m taking up Australian citizenship and telling everyone my accent is Canadian.

  137. Harold Humes says:

    Thank goodness for common sense. We have an enormous mountain to climb to move CA forward but I believe we have the people to start the process. NOT FOR SALE is the message. I want Nancy Pelosi to stay in congress. She is not my rep but her leadership is critical. I hope she stays with us for the next term. The house wrote, voted on and presented the senate with hundreds of bills that got no action. Let’s see what the Repubs can do now. Not so easy.

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