County Spotlight: Ventura: a purple County bursting with blue energy

In the last couple of years the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee (DCC) has become a force to be reckoned with. Extensive voter registration drives over a period of a few years have turned Ventura into a Democratic county but they aren’t stopping there.

This year Ventura County is home to the hotly contested CA-26 congressional race, one of a handful of seats that can deliver a Democratic majority to the U.S. House of Representatives.  In CA-26 Democratic candidate Julia Brownley is going up against radical conservative Tony Strickland. Strickland is a former State Senator and president of the California chapter of Club for Growth, a right wing group committed to strong arming moderate Republicans out of office in favor of no compromise extremists. With the prospect of having an extremist for a representative, newly elected Chair David Atkins and the Ventura DCC have revved up their field effort this year.

As Atkins explains, “In the last four years we have significantly ramped up our engagement, including a painstaking endorsement process and aggressive field operations effort from our year-round office in Camarillo, making hundreds of thousands of phone calls and door knocks over the last three years alone.”

The enthusiasm of Ventura county residents this year has taken some seasoned volunteers by surprise. “Democratic excitement here is through the roof, with our volunteers amazed at the eagerness of county residents across all ages and demographics to register as Democrats to vote this election. Our voter registration efforts at the Ventura County Fair and July 4th Parade were the most successful in recent memory,” said Atkins.

That enthusiasm will come as a great advantage given the Ventura DCC’s role in this year’s coordinated campaign, Battleground California. The Ventura DCC is mounting a full-fledged field effort as part of Battleground California.  As Atkins describes, “Ventura County Democrats are preparing the most expansive and aggressive field operation in our history. We will be making tens of thousands of voter contacts out of our central field office to encourage Democrats across Ventura County to support Proposition 30, oppose Proposition 32, and elect Julia Brownley, Fran Pavley, Hannah-Beth Jackson and other great Democrats, by phone and through precinct walks. Our local Democratic clubs are preparing slate mailers and precinct walk operations to support our downballot races, as well.”

We look forward to hearing more of what Ventura County has in store for Democrats this year and beyond. With an impressive field campaign and new volunteer energy, Ventura Democrats stand poised to make big splash as part of Battleground California.

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