A Pilgrimage to the RNC

The Republican National Convention (RNC) is taking place this week. Among the convention speakers offering up red meat to the largely red state audience will be California Congressional candidates Rep. Mary Bono Mack (#CA36) and Ricky Gill (#CA09).

Attempts by the two to differentiate themselves from their Party’s extremist leanings in order to win over moderate voters in their districts may become a hard sell once voters take a look at the RNC attendance list.

Leaving the company aside for a minute, the RNC platform is far from a moderate document. As has been widely reported, the platform seeks to ban abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

While Bono Mack relishes in her role as one Mitt Romney’s top California surrogates, young Republican upstart Ricky Gill will no doubt be ready for his close-up.

Try as they may, Bono Mack and Gill won’t be able to run from their Party’s extremist agenda as voters in their respective districts start to wise up to their acts.

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