The John L. Burton Democratic Headquarters

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Today we dedicated the John L. Burton Democratic Headquarters. Union built to the highest quality standards, this is a LEED certified, energy-efficient building reflective of our Democratic values. Owning our own headquarters allows Democrats to continue building for our future in California.

Watch how we transformed the old Wishing Well building into our new headquarters:

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Open letter to Grover Norquist

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May 19, 2014

Grover Norquist
Americans for Tax Reform
722 12th Street, NW
Suite 400
Washington, D.C. 20005

Dear Mr. Norquist,

I’m very concerned that our political philosophies may be starting to merge.

I commend you on wanting to name three thousand items in the country after Ronald Reagan. As you know, I was in the state legislature when Ronald was governor and I fondly remember his signing the largest tax increase in the more than hundred year history of our state. That Reagan tax increase stood as the state’s largest until of course the early 1990s, when Governor Pete Wilson signed a $7.3 billion dollar tax increase.

I also fondly remember Governor Reagan signing the bill that liberalized abortion, the Therapeutic Abortion Act.

I think it’s wonderful that you’re willing to honor somebody who has such a liberal progressive record.

Peace and friendship,

John Burton
California Democratic Party


A PDF of the letter can be viewed by clicking here:

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California Democrats Launch “Fight on the Right,” a Voter Education Site Profiling Republican Gubernatorial Candidates’ Records


On the eve of the California Republican Party’s 2014 state convention, California Democrats launched a voter education site profiling the CRP’s top gubernatorial candidates and their sub-par records. The site, provides basic stats on the candidates and links to recent news stories on their poor voting record and thin public service experience.

Check out to learn more

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DEM 2014: Mission Possible

Posted on by CDP Staff

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do something simple, right now, that will help Democrats get closer to victory every month between now and the election.

Sign up now:

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Our California Democratic Accomplishments

Posted on by CDP Staff

California Democrats tell us which accomplishments they are most proud of at the California Democrats State Convention in Los Angeles.

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CADEM14: We are ready!

Posted on by CDP Staff

We are ready for 2014 California Democrats State Convention! Take a look at how our crew sets up.

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2014 CADEM Convention Volunteers

Posted on by CDP Staff

Meet some of our 2014 California Democrats State Convention volunteers and find out why they get involved.

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LACDP Chair Eric C. Bauman Welcomes You!

Posted on by CDP Staff

LACP Chair and CDP Vice Chair, Eric C. Bauman, welcomes delegates to Los Angeles for the 2014 California Democrats State Convention.


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Help push David Alvarez across the finish line

In case you haven’t heard there is a big election coming up in San Diego and Democrats across the State are rolling up their sleeves to pitch in.

The San Diego Mayor’s race is in a virtual dead heat and Democrat David Alvarez is up against a Republican who’s threatening to roll back all the recent Democratic gains in the city. That’s why the California Democratic Party’s Statewide Officers, Eric Bauman, Alex Rooker, Daraka Larimore-Hall, Hilary Crosby and CDP Executive Director Shawnda Westly are heading down to San Diego this weekend to hit the pavement and knock on some doors.

“It’s important for us to pitch in here and help our fellow Democrats. Alvarez is a true progressive with a real chance to win, especially if we all participate in the effort to get him elected. That’s why I’m joining our CDP officers and heading down to San Diego this weekend,” explained Shawnda.

San Diego was once a Republican strong hold but in recent years Democrats have made significant inroads.

As Shawnda explained, “David Alvarez is for raising the minimum wage, creating more affordable housing, and protecting the benefits that public workers have earned — and as mayor of one of California’s biggest cities, he can put those values into action for a lot of people and put a spotlight on the issues that matter.”

Making the trip down to San Diego for GOTV weekend isn’t something we all can do, but there is a way to help from home. We have an easy to use online phonebanking tool so Democrats across the state can pitch in and help.  You can visit to access the online phone bank.

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Making Calls for David Alvarez

The CDP’s Chicano-Latino Caucus is dialing away and helping San Diego Mayoral candidate David Alvarez who’s in a very tight race. Learn why they are helping and how you can help too.

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